Eight ways to make your glamping experience 10 times better

Glamping has become a go-to getaway; it offers luxury and romance for a fraction of the price of a resort. But when you’re left at the mercy of Mother Nature and her elements, not everything will go to plan. Sure, it means you’ll be left with some hilarious stories to tell friends when you get back home, but if you want to avoid holiday heartache out in the wild, we’ve put together a ‘top 8’ list of ways to make your glamping experience 10 times better.

1. If there’s the choice of an adults-only or family area, choose the one that’s right for you. Fifty kids running around can really spoil the romantic mood you’re probably going for.

2. Ask your supplier to ensure they have a lock on the tent. The last thing you want is for that bottle of wine in your package to mysteriously go missing.

3. Go glamping with someone you feel close to, preferably someone who will love you no matter what you’re forced to do (read: peeing in the bushes when the toilets are too far for a 2am walk).

4. Come to terms with the fact that there WILL be bugs. If you’ve got a cold, pack nasal spray to help you breathe through your nose – that should stop them from becoming a midnight snack.

5. Don’t just stay in the tent all night. Go out and look at the stars – they’re so much more visible in the wild than in the city.

6. If there are working toilets, take a bunch of tissues with you – there’s no guarantee there’ll be any toilet paper left.

7. Head over to the nearest IGA (because every country town has an IGA… right?) and pick up some sausages, bread and butter. Heck, if you’re super-keen, you could even slice up some onions before you leave home. Some glamping tent-hire places can add a grill to your package. One such company is Nomadic Belle, which sets up beautiful tents – decked out with a blow-up queen bed, lanterns, a faux-fur rug, even a pole decorated with fairylights – anywhere there’s a good camping ground.

8. Wake with the kookaburras – even if only for a few minutes – and step outside to breathe in a mist-covered fresh air and experience a serenity that can only be found in the morning (when the loud partygoers are still asleep).

At the end of the day, you’re either a camper or you’re not – but wouldn’t it be better to find out in style than in a sleeping bag?

Experience the Nomadic Belle’s Luxury Getaway For Two, which costs $299 per night, at Glenworth Valley.

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